PROLEVELLING is a revolutionary levelling system to ensure tiles are installed without lips in a more efficient way than ever before.  The patented system has a threaded steam + cap for easy adjustment with minimal disruption to the laid tiles and a built-in spacer to ensure the lines keep straight during install(2, 3, 5mm in a Cross, Linea or T junction)

-The PROLEVELLING system can cut the overall levelling clips required by up to 75% compared to other systems.

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-Removal of the cap and stem after installation is made easy with strategically placed breakage points that release by kicking or tapping the cap in the direction of the joint. 

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-The system works with all tiling applications including, Walls, Floors, Natural Stone, Thin and Large Format tiles within a thickness range of 3 - 40mm.

PROLEVELING system | BellaRoc - cap
PROLEVELING system | BellaRoc - cros
PROLEVELING system | BellaRoc - line
PROLEVELING system | BellaRoc - T ju
PROLEVELING system | BellaRoc - dril
PROLEVELING system | BellaRoc - prot

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